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That helps people reduce manufacturing costs and maximize design efficiency. A discussion of best practices for plastics design is also included.Share 0 SHARES THE new EU draft Communications regulations published on Tuesday means that websites like Facebook, Youtube and Google must be treated like a ‘public service’ and subject to the same regulations as telcos, water companies, and other utilities. “What on earth are you doing?” an overwhelmed EU official, telling WWN he had been told to send out these regulations after being bombarded with complaints from all over the bloc, asked the internet giant at a press conference this morning. “We’re a website. Why do we need to be treated like a utility?”, repeated Facebook’s lawyer, while the rest of the web had a good laugh at how ridiculous it all was. WWN understands the US and China have been dealing with the concept of internet ‘public utilities’ since it was first floated and the move is a way for the EU to try and cover all bases when it comes to regulating the net. “If we make a public utility out of internet companies, we have a level of control over what’s posted online that we can’t just go around issuing fines” explained an official. “I don’t know about you but I don’t know any of my friends or colleagues that use internet services and never tell anyone what they do on it, so we might as well make the rules so everyone has to obey them” added the man. While some were happy with the idea, others such as the Pirate Party of Finland, who felt the move would open the door to internet censorship, are up in arms about the restrictions. “If they treat the internet like a public service and issue fines for things like copyright infringement, you’ll be driving to work one day to find yourself confronted by an internet cop. That is going to cause a lot of problems and we can’t have it” said Pirate Party spokesperson Rihanna. “Can we please just say that the internet is private property and the business of its owners. You don’t like the services that are on the net? Don’t use them. Just leave us alone” added Rihanna. Meanwhile, Google and other internet giants are set to introduce new ‘privacy by design�



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FULL Moldflow Advisor 2019 Crack (Final 2022)

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